Tourist-Camping: Mai – September

There are ca. 10 places for mobile homes or caravans near the cabins or 20 on the greenarea with fantastic view to the fjord. Electricity is available on all places.

Sanitarybuilding with toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry.

Disposal of chemical toilets and supply with water are located centrally.

Freezer and drying room.

Prices in NOK (2019):

Caravan/Mobilehome (incl. 2adults+2kids): 250,-/day, 1500,-/week, Electr.: 40,-

Tent (incl. 2adults+2kids): 210,-/day, 1250,-/week, Electricity: 40,-

Extraperson over 14 years or extra car: 30,-/day

Free Internet: Wi-Fi (WLAN) !